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2012年8月11日 (土)

4.2or4.3 Wii Banner Brick repair exite.Translation


Do by the self-responsibility with all Wii to the last ..can execution.. ..no security.. and the still ..thrusting.. pardon to primitive sentences

The power supply of Wii is turned on. When A button is pushed from the screen for a healthy warning and safety, it is Wii in the state thereafter of a black screen limitation.

First of all,

1:[Ha] and low evaluation. ..preparation.. misappropriating of ModchipWasabiDX use FW for cheap [de] has improved to 3.0.

2:The unmeasures base is done in $100 though foreign site is retrieved for the measures base.

Old [kirudake] Wii in the Middle Ages is bought with [nanode] (It is possible to play variously if ModChip is put up back. Recovering Wii : to the used purchase and the reserve).

3:Installation FW update AUTOBOOT is confirmed in Wii of the unmeasures base for Wasabi and it is confirmed to be able to start the game of the set backup disk with AUTOBOOT effectively.

4:Naturally, the transplant will cut open the abdomen both of two stands Wii to Wii that does the unmeasures base and Wasabi in Brick.

5:In case of the BannerBrick by 4.2

The game starts by Wii Autoboot Creator the patch doing when it is burnt like the life and appropriates the coming patch ISO with the update data of the hot speed par suit etc.

(Because it only has to be able to make the acceptable save data even from 4x, 8x, and 16x, it is not necessary to reproduce the whole volume of the game. )

The fourth SaveMiiFrii ties to the port and power supply ON.

Please cut as it is by a power supply button long push and turn on the power supply again when the display of the version of 4.2 is confirmed, and it doesn't go to the DVD slot to read the insertion disk on the disk of need For who burnt.

I think that the disk is turned on and the display changes into 4.3 at once.

And, the number of Wii channels increases and the number of empty blocks of the save data has decreased though the disk cannot be confirmed by leaving it for a while until the reading sound on the disk stops with Wii in the state that Wii is read as it is with the power supply button as twice as a regular version for the reactivation attention to do Brick.

Please skip the work of this five when having already become 4.3.

6:Afterwards, even ISO with the update data : because it doesn't care.

When you can start the game safely ..putting in the DVD slot.. by burning with Wii Autoboot Creator after the patch is worn

Save is registered by a suitable name (for instance, AAA BBB).

The reason for the screen that can be skipped is on the way that it is the maximum purpose to make a large amount of save data of this you may all skip in the main body of Wii.

6:Though need For is autosave, Neatly..top..screen..return..save..complete..disk..pull out..reactivate..other..back up..game..disk..save..data..make..main body..save..data..area..run short..continue..save..necessary..yet..game..save..point..advance..save..data..preserve..one..provide..game..begin..save..make.It made it. The game disk is extra burnt and the save preservation work increases though it drinks and display [dakede] is not thought for the obstacle to exist in the refurbishing operation to which it cannot relieve it.

7:In a recommended game, was [rabitts go-home] (By about 107 blocks) dress hot previous need For speed par suit (118 blocks are consumed)50-70 blocks in Nitro (121 blocks) similarly … The purpose of it is for this without the method to bury the empty block efficiently in RPG though there was the one of the number of blocks in the inside, too. It was booted that the save size was large to save time and DVD-R and when he or she did not handle GC controller who was not necessary, the GC controller was able to auto boot - power supply button ON or the reset power supply button long push-after disk had been turned on ..cutting.. button by pushing in Wii of me who had not started the game disk start of auto boot the disk of RW and PAL and others English version ..advantageous...

The yugioh played is making the save data without fail when the patch of
auto boot was appropriated, [smashBro] was not read in normal Wii that
did not start in Wii that did Brick though was able to start also on the
backup disk.

8:Is the empty block of save insufficient, is it displayed that move to the deletion or the SD card when the game disk is burnt and the game start save is repeated, and does move to a set screen?After the reading sound on the game disk stops, the screen of optional Wii ..pulling out.. opens the disk when "It is" is selected because it is asked.

When "It is" is selected without pulling out "Attention" disk, the game auto boots it again.

9:Do you move again even if failing to open coming open it by optional Wii when the disk of the save volume of data more than it puts it it is ..game disk.. equal (one that has not been used up to now) is turned on at the end in this even by degrees how many?The empty block was about 45 of us ..worry and useless.. because it was asked.

10:Next, it is 4.3 Huck preparation that handles the king play.

I think that idler's page is comprehensible of the download link etc. of the method of Huck and the tool.

It is beginning of king play Huck when a necessary file SD card etc. can be prepared. However, it returns by "EXIT" when it is confirmed to be able to install HBC.

I think that you should move some the save data to the SD card to execute eight again and to install HBC and give the empty block room.

After it had opened it by about 350 blocks, the installation of HBC was executed because I had wanted to try pimp first.

The setting of the Internet etc. are reviewed.

After connected test, is the main body renewed?It becomes a black screen again if "No" is selected of course and it returns to the Wii menu though it drinks and display [mo] was able to be confirmed.

control..usual..operate..first..card..copy..forget..one..provide..as it
is..card..pull out..scary..screen..home..button..shutdown..promote..card..necessary

The above is that I tried.

Sumi is not done great and it prays for the good fight if becoming help of a person embarrassed in banner Brick.


All Wii does not guarantee you can perform

Please necessarily match done at your own risk

In addition, plunged into a sentence is a poor excuse

Turn on the Wii! Screen for health and safety warning -

A button is pressed, the state is limited to a black screen after the Wii


1: Modchip I have is undervalued? WasabiDX and inexpensive to use FW 3.0

2: Foundations of anti-foreign site yet but if you search for anti-foundation
is about $ 100 to

Buy Used Wii so old as possible (after a lot if you stick ModChip play. Healed Wii will buy or pre-owned)

3: Wasabi Wii installed base in the case of non-anti-FW update to enable

Check the backup disk games can start AUTOBOOT

4:Wasabi'm not anti-brick foundations and a Wii

Of course, Wii has both cars will be laparotomy

5:If you are in :4.2 Banner Brick

Updated with data such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ISO to

Wii Autoboot Creator without the patch and bake raw

The start of the game will patch

(4x 8x at 16x but I hope to reproduce the full-length game save data 作Rere accepted but not required)

SaveMiiFrii power ON by connecting to port 4

Check the display of version 4.2, Need for burned DVD disc into the slot

If that does not read the disc, as it is cut by pressing the power button long

Again, please try to power up

As soon as the disc would appear differently in 4.3

Disk not understand it until it stops reading the disc and the sound remains the same

Wii power button to restart

As a precaution, I read them twice as the Authorized Version

The state is not confirmed in brick Wii, Wii save data channel is increasing

Free blocks is decreasing

5 4.3 already work in this case I'm supposed to, please skip

6: Then, with data updates, so do not open ISO

Wii Autoboot Creator to burn the DVD into the slot patch

Once the game starts safely

Appropriate name for a save (for example, AAA BBB)

Along the way, you can skip the screen is okay to skip all

It saves a lot of data to the Wii because the purpose of making up the body

7: Need for is the auto save, back to the top page properly

After saving, remove the disk and restart the Wii

Games saved data on disk to make another backup

Wii shortage will continue until the data area of the body save

If I save much needed about 50

However, some games may not save the save point and save data and proceed to some extent

I create a save just after the game? I made! View is not only safe, Kima

Interfere with the restoration work and bake an extra game disk do not think

Save Save more work

8:Games Need For Speed Hot Pursuit recommended destination (consumption
block 118).

Nitro is the same (block 121) Rabittsugohome (about 107 blocks)

What was one piece 50-70 Block ...

Some RPG, but it is not there also a few blocks HOW

This is to fill up empty blocks efficiently, saving time and the DVD-R is more advantageous to save larger

RW discs and PAL did not start any other English

Wii game disc to start my GC controller was not needed in the auto boot

If you use a GC controller after the power button and hold a disc - cutting - power ON button

It was possible to auto boot or reset button

Yugioh Please keep your saved games to make sure

The Wii will not start a brick smashBro

You can also launch the Wii in the normal backup disk in

Could not read the autoboot and patch

9: Start the game and have repeatedly saved the game disc burn

To save enough free blocks

What appears to remove your SD card to move

Would you like to set the screen? You will be prompted to

Disconnect the disk from the sound has stopped reading game discs

"Yes" to select Wii Options screen opens

"! Careful!" Disk without unplugging the "yes" to auto boot the game again would you choose

10: the same amount of disk or save data to disk or into this the last

(Not used till now) and put

Would you like Wii and many times even if it fails to open the options would be open? Do not worry you will be prompted to

I was about 45 blocks of free

11:Use a ready-Gi-Oh and then hack 4.3

Necessary files and SD cards are ready

Yu-Gi-hack is the start of

After reviewing the HBC but can install the "EXIT" in the back

8 again: HBC Run to save some data to install,

Go to the SD card

I think more time remembering to free blocks

My first pimp my wii free up about 350 blocks, so wanted to do

HBC Run for the installation of

Also, Internet settings, etc. Also check

Would you like to update itself after the connection test? View could be confirmed,

Of course, "No" and select

Wii and will return to the menu and black screen

12:Start of hack-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-screen and press the A TOP

My Wii does not have to HBC BootMii boot2 After installation

HBC menu appears

Pre-app folder, tool folder trap wad wad preparing to leave

Could operate normally with Wii Remote

SD will do so without first forgot to copy the SD card because I was afraid of removing the cards

HBC Home button from the screen - Shut down and push the SD card and copy all the necessary

The game of Yu-Gi-TOP A button on the screen because the installation of HBC

Button "1" after pressing the EXIT menu if you choose

Wad Manager app can launch other applications in the folder were the same as during normal before Brick

Is that at least I tried

We hope to help people in need in Banner Brick

Good luck to everyone